In comparison to PPC campaigns or paid marketing; content marketing generates 3 times the leads per dollar spent.

Blue Marble Professionals, content marketers work on a well defined process as follows:

Understanding the Business - We understand the goals and objectives that our clients wants to achieve and frame strategies which have our clients goals and objectives at the center of it. 

Creating Buyer Persona - We would create a replica of your customers and target audience and create our content as per what your customers is looking for (or searching on search engines). Such content marketing practice will enable us to frame the right keyword strategies to make your content more relevant during their searches.

Creating Content - Once we understand the business and create buyer persona, we exactly know what content needs to be created. There are various types of content as follows:

Content Marketing Execution - 

Once we are done with selection of what content needs to be created and placed in our content marketing calendar; our team of specialist content marketer and writers will initiate the process of creating magnificent content for your digital asset. 

Our content marketing plan will be focusing on organic and paid promotion on various social media platforms depending on the nature of campaign we create for our clients.

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