What is advertising or marcomm now-a-days from an consumers perspective? It's simply noise; unwanted voices which consumer simply ignores or cannot understand. Looking into the FMCG, Telecom, Education, Banking & Other domains or industries, there are so many choices to select from, but there are FEW indications or persuasion via marcomm which gives a clear definition of "THE BEST BRAND" on the shelf for the consumer to checkout. 

In this scenario, how would a B2B or B2C target audience perceive which is the best brand on the shelf?

You know what, let's come back to this in a while......

Talking about building The Brand. At a general level the following are broadly used:

All is good but does the brand building tactics actually gives the thrust that is required to print our logo and communication in the brains of our target audience to perceive it as a National Brand?!!!

Coming back to - how would a B2B or B2C target audience perceive which is the best brand on the shelf?

To be recognized as a National Brand; that to in a short spans sounds difficult but not impossible. Would like to share few tactics which has helped in building and sustaining national brands in various domains:

Simplicity is the arrow which would pierce the noise in advertising world and hit the perception of our target audience.

Creating a marketing communication that is simple yet meaningful, which defines the odds is the 1st step to success. Time dedicated in researching the right kind of marcomm tags would not only full proof your brand development strategy but also would delay brand revamp case for extension, when any product is going in decline stage of its life cycle.

Marketing warfare for increasing market share is appropriate but not at cost of ignoring end user's values. As consumers equates ignorance to dilution of  Brand Identity.

There are marketing warfare tactics that are launched by companies to get bigger and accumulate more market share, but in all the hustling we should not step on the basic expectation of consumers that is to serve them with best quality product that possibly we can offer on table. This will not only support the CRM of our company but also reduce the bandwidth that is used for execution of marketing warfare tactics. Ultimately it would equate to stronger brand identity in the perception of consumers. 

Continuous engagement at passive and active level is broadly used as a form of brand recall tactic but the translation of USP's are better understood by practical implications by end users, which defines Best Brands on the shelf.

Big budgets are allocated in engaging consumers for better experience and understanding of the products as part of customer service. However, consumer are getting smarter and they understand the importance of each dime spent on the product, so it's best to use transparency as an way to highlight product USP; this will create an unbreakable trust between the end users and the product or the Brand.  Thus increasing brand loyalty and customer retention, consequently decreasing direct and indirect cost involved in resolving customer grievances and issues generated by over promising marcomm or ads.

I hope "Consumers Perceptions vs Brands - Real Time Overview", highlighted the essence of converting brands to The Best Brands on shelf.

Graphic Designing + Marketing Communication is our speciality. Twitters posts with images are retweeted 150% more. So, what should be the image be all about. 

The context of the “image” will be as per business need and requirement. Without the right mix of marketing communication your brand will be lost and not seen as the attention span for any social media platform is now less than 2 second. 

So, right mix of graphic marcom is the key to high engagement for your content. 

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