Solving business problems by the mix of emerging and conventional technologies thus achieving industry goals and growing profits is what we do!

Technology has given us the edge to touch everyone’s life across the globe and Blue Marble Professionals is the incubator for such progressive development for international projects which will change the way our target audience lives their life.

Digital Transformation is the key to profitable future for your company! IF you take care of the following:

AS, 76.6 percent of companies describe their relationship with technology and digital transformation as generally average or above average. (The bad news is that the rest are slow adopters and laggards—and with that, not likely to last in the digital age). Where would your company fall?

Just over 40 percent of companies report having a dedicated digital transformation team in place. Of all the key stats from the 2018 Digital Transformation Index that I’m sharing, this one worries me the most. Being prepared is critical for success.

About 7 percent of respondents weren’t able to name someone in charge of their company’s digital transformation efforts.

Nearly 20 percent said their company’s leadership isn’t sure what to do when it comes to digital transformation.

When asked which factors contributed the most to their organization’s effective execution digital transformation strategy, more than 50 percent pointed to their access to great technology partners; nearly 50 percent said company culture; and less than 40 percent pointed to adequate budget. I’ve talked before about the importance of culture and digital ecosystem in creating agility and transformation. It’s all proven here.

Digital Transformation is accepted by many and is becoming a way of life, so why wait?

Feel free to talk to us about how we can collaborate to digitally transform your assets and processes.