Managed Cloud Computing

We can accomplish a lot with modern cloud computing services like Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions, Disaster Recovery, Serverless Computing, Data Containers, Edge Computing and Cloud Security. Such an organised approach will ensure that your data is utilised to its best for company growth.

Cloud Computing

There are a couple of difficulties, a business face, with regard to moving to the cloud. It is consequently very important that you have the correct technology partner to manage you. At Blue Marble Professionals, we help you in adopting an all-encompassing strategy for your cloud selection and construct a methodology that lines up with your business and financial needs. 

Our Cloud Consulting Services will make your cloud transformation a reality.

We offer the following:

AWS Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a state of art technology provider which ensures successful deployment when partnered with Blue Marble Professionals. We accomplish this task with proper guidance and navigation process.

We strive to achieve a successful Amazon Web Services deployment and keep this goal at the centre of our AWS operations. To enable AWS successfully we ensure that the navigation of ASW’s robust services is done with our client's inputs and open communication and strategize the cloud computing with the best return on investment. 

AWS is one of the best cloud suits for many reasons few of them are below:

Cloud Migration

Move business processes, applications and infrastructure with Blue Marble Professionals Cloud Migration at the enterprise level. IT capacity and companies' demands have a direct connection having link with cloud migration at its centre. We would grow your  business, mitigate risks and leverage development by robust, repetitive processes.

Process Involved in Cloud Migration: